BazarStore - "Buyurun" Platform

Leo Burnett Azerbaijan has developed the flexible communication platform and positioning for Bazarstore, one of Azerbaijan's major retail networks. "Buyurun" - is the name of the platform that has a vast range of meanings, like Welcome, Please, Here you are, You are welcome, Not at all. The Platform and communication, truly match the brand archetype & delivering the identity compatible with its attributes. Presentation of the New Slogan and positioning of Bazarstore took place 12th of April. The "Buyurun" concept was first presented to Azersun Holding and Bazarstore management. From Today,  Bazarstore will meet and serve its valued customers with this beautiful wording -  "Buyurun!", inviting its customers' for quality, reasonable prices, freshness, abundant variety, and service!
"Come on, friends, "Buyurun" to Bazarstore!" To your supermarket!