We Make Solutions — Not Just Ads
We build solutions that meet the needs of people — not just the media plan. Our capabilities cross experiences, content, services, products, technology and, yes, advertising.

  • Omnichannel 360°​ Advertising
    We create many of the world’s most business-transforming ideas across all digital and traditional channels, earning our clients tangible business results. 
  • Design / Branding 
    We bring craft, concept, and storytelling together, beautifully, through visual brand identities and systems, brand books, logos, packaging and digital design.
  • Digital / Interactive
    We deliver engaging creative digital experiences across all platforms, along with expertise in development and deployment of websites, apps, digital signage, social integration and more.
  • Direct / CRM
    We harness big data (including housing and managing the world’s largest CPG database) to create one-to-one/few messaging and customized loyalty programs.
  • E-commerce
    We approach eRetailer and direct-to-consumer e-commerce experiences from a shopper-first perspective, employing content management, search, mobile, CRM, analytics and creative.
  • Experiential
    We generate excitement for brands and brand experiences through event production, music and celebrity talent strategy, tour activations and more.
  • Multicultural
    Being a worldwide agency,  the network operates with 96 offices in 85 countries. We can bring an outsider perspective, involve international expertise, challenge established beliefs, create unexpected ideas and reach a diverse audience in every country in the world.
  • Production
    We produce TV, OLV and branded content at our fully equipped, nimble in-house content studio, as well as leverage our scale for cost-saving efficiencies for out-of-house projects.
  • Data / Analytics
    We build predictive models, develop journeys, analyze search data and more — all in service of customizing strategy and delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.
  • Research 
    We conduct custom, large-scale quantitative and qualitative studies, including proprietary brand segmentation studies and open-space mapping.
  • Strategic Planning
    We understand people’s behavior within complex marketing dynamics and translate this perspective into purposeful brand strategies.
  • Shopper Marketing
    We activate brands throughout the shopper journey, creating digital platforms, leading-edge in-store solutions and more. ​
  • Social
    We get people to engage with brands through social media strategy, content creation, and management. Build cohesive social experiences.


We Are a Creative Solutions Company

In 1935, Leo Burnett opened the doors to his agency with the belief that “what helps people helps business.”

People – their wants, needs, motivations, and dreams – remain at the center of everything we do today. And thanks to data and technology, it’s possible to understand what matters to people better than ever before. By combining real-time human insights with the power of creativity, Leo Burnett creates solutions that help people and business alike.