World Scout Conference 2017

The 41st World Scout Conference with over 1500 guests representing 166 countries was the largest conference in the history of World Scouting 

We are proud of being a part of Host Committee for World Scout Conference 2017 in Baku Azerbaijan. Having the enormous amount of work, we have successfully delivered the full scope of PR & Communications services for the World Scout Conference 2017, including branding, website development, digital, production, PR, Social Media, local and international media coverage.

Dear conference participants:
I welcome wholeheartedly in Azerbaijan the representatives of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the world’s prestigious and the largest-in-number public organization.
I am convinced that the 41st Conference of World Scouts will be remembered by several memorable events. This year, the Scout Movement celebrates the 110th anniversary. For the first time in the history of this organization, its supreme body convenes all scouts in the Eurasian region. This conference is the largest and prestigious both by the representation of countries and the number of participants. About 1500 representatives from 161 countries are gathered in Azerbaijan.
Only 15 years ago, the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan has taken part in the World Scout Conference for the first time. And, today, Azerbaijan already hosts this Conference. This choice was indeed evident, and it reflects the dynamic development of the Scout Movement in our country. Our society very naturally perceives the ideals of scouting such as active citizenship, moral health, commitment to the Homeland, harmonious development of youth and positive contribution to the societies because they stand in unison with the moral values cherished by our people throughout the centuries. At the same time, it coincides with main targets of the youth policy pursued in our country.
This year’s conference unfolding with the spirit of Together For Positive Change reflects primarily the values of unity and mutual respect, the skills of living and working together. And, these values are the realities of Azerbaijan, its history and the present times of our country that preserve traditions of diverse ethnicities and multiculturalism. Notwithstanding their national and religious backgrounds, the people in our country live in the conditions of peace and prosperity and develop comprehensively.
Many important international events held in recent years in our country demonstrate clearly the rapid development of Azerbaijan, its openness to the international co-operation, its reliable partnership and the role it plays in making the world safer and healthier. Indeed, the landmark events such as the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, the  first Global Forum on Youth Policy in 2014, the  first European Games in 2015 and the IV Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017, the second time Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix in 2017 held in Azerbaijan is very symbolic because our country is seen as one of the world centers of intercultural dialogue.
The XXI century requires the States and societies to take important and urgent decisions in safeguarding humanity and environment, ensuring the world’s security. While passing these decisions, well known international organizations and young generations should raise their voice openly and clearly and act in full faith and responsible manner.
I wish an effective, productive and successful work to the 41st World Scout Conference. I am con dent that your discussions and decisions will greatly contribute to further increase the popularity of your organization that unites today 40 million people.
Ilham Aliyev
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
City of Baku, 14 August 2017

Hello to all Scout Movement friends gathered in Baku! I thank the Government of Azerbaijan for hosting.
Congratulations to all the young participants.
The United Nations and the Scouts have so much in common.
Your Secretary-General, Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, was the first-ever UN Youth Envoy. I am committed to building on the invaluable contributions he made. The United Nations and the Scouts also share the same humanistic spirit.
Scouts contribute to their communities, protect our environment, and help people in need. Scouting teaches individuals compassion – and they make society better for all.
I applaud your plans to rally 40 million Scouts from 165 countries to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals.
This is truly impressive. We count on the Scouts to help realize our vision of a life of dignity for all.
Thank you! 
António Guterres 
Secretary-General of the United Nations 


Scouting is the biggest youth movement with more than 40 million Scouts worldwide. 

The leadership of World Scouting gathers in Baku for 41st World Scout Conference 14 August 2017, Baku, Azerbaijan: Leaders of National Scout Organizations
representing more than 40 million Scouts have convened in Baku today for the 41st World Scout Conference. The event, which is organized by the World Organization of
the Scout Movement (WOSM) and hosted by the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will
be held at the Baku Congress Centre until 18 August 2017.

Back in August 2014, Azerbaijan bid to host two key events of WOSM - the World Scout Conference and World Scout Youth Forum. “Azerbaijan won the right to hold the Scout Forum and the Conference at the last World Scout Conference in Slovenia three years ago. Our country competed with Malaysia, which has a very strong Scouting tradition and won by only a margin,” Nargiz Balakishiyeva, Director of the 13th World Scout Youth Forum, said. At the Conference, themed ‘Together for Positive Change’, participants will review the progress made in the past triennium and discuss current trends affecting Scouting worldwide. The Conference is also expected to decide on various issues and deliberate on efforts to achieve Vision 2023 and elect the Chairperson and members of the World Scout Committee, the executive body of WOSM.

The Conference will include the ceremonial welcome of new Member Organizations, as
well as the election of the hosts of future World Scout Events, namely the World Scout Jamboree, World Scout Conference, and the World Scout Youth Forum.
During the Conference, various tours will be organized throughout the regions of Azerbaijan, as well as a special ‘Evening of acquaintance with culture’, where representatives from participating countries will share the diversity of their cultural and historical traditions through their cuisine, music, and dances.

The 13th World Youth Scout Forum and 41st World Scout Conference are among the biggest Scouting events to take place in the Eurasia Scout Region. The Azerbaijan Scout Association has been a member of WOSM since the year 2000. Its president, Ilyas Ismayilli, chairs the Host Committee.

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The events and news of the events were highlighted on the Social Wall on WOSM's home page, where Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook messages were displayed, which were created by users from all over the world with #ScoutForum and #ScoutConference tags in common
The number of over 16 million displays that were seen by 3.7 million people.

The event aroused great interest and resonance all over the world. Thousands of people in 161 countries of the world followed the events of the Forum and the Conference and the work of their compatriots. According to the estimates of the press service of the organizing committee, it can be confidently asserted that over 200 news and stories about events were published in foreign media, on websites and television.

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