Badminton Azerbaijan

Sports in Azerbaijan is actively developing. The Azerbaijan national badminton team represents Azerbaijan in international badminton team competitions. The national team was formed in 1964 after badminton was introduced in Azerbaijan by the Soviets and after the formation of the Azerbaijan Republic Badminton Federation.

One of the priorities of state policy in our country is sports development. The state creates favorable conditions for this, promotes sports, and supports the development of sports.

The badminton development program in Azerbaijan should become one of the important components of the formation of a healthy lifestyle model for the nation. Sport at all levels is a universal mechanism for improving people's health, a way of self-realization, self-expression, and development. A low entry level to sports makes it possible to enter the world of professional badminton through fun and lifestyle.

The three main pillars:

  • Professional Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Fun

Badminton is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle.

To highlight those attributes, we have been tasked to transform the Badminton Federation into a brand by developing of a unique, vibrant, and dynamic identity, demonstrating the main pillars of this sport and lifestyle.