Salamat Tomatoes

The export of non-oil products in Azerbaijan is growing, as a result, a large number of export-oriented brands start to consider a proper positioning and branding. This time, we have developed a brand identity for premium A-class Tomato brand, oriented to Russia and CIS countries - "Salamat".

Salamat - convincing naming with the presence of the eastern shade. Means - greeting, auspiciousness, integrity, quality factor. Similarly, in English, use the word fit or solid. The name can flexibly be used for both tomatoes - "Tomat-Salamat" and with other cultures "Salad-Salamat" in the case expansion of the range. Salamat, personifies care, quality and most importantly the integrity of the products. Easy for perception in both Latin and Cyrillic. Fully complies with the selected platform. The logotype is simple, vivid and warm, reflecting the solid and safe product, cultivated with love and passion in Baku.