Our Philosophy: HumanKind


Creativity has the power to transform human behaviour. Leo Burnett’s HumanKind philosophy is not about advertising, brand propositions or selling products. Instead, HumanKind is about people, purpose and changing behaviour. It’s a new look at marketing in which people come first, front and centre. It’s about creating acts, not ads. Essentially, HumanKind communications demonstrates how creativity can transform behaviour. 

The most important thing for us - are people and their behavior. Therefore, working with the brand, we always ask a question what does the brand give to people, what is the brand for? The brand which is not full of meaning, is threatened of being misunderstood, so - not adopted.

We dream of being the creators of the best ideas that rise to reactions in the hearts of every person. And we believe that our creative approach will help to change the behavior of people and make their lives better.