Company symbols




Big black pencils 

The Leo Burnett Company claims to be famous for using big black pencils, with the idea that "big ideas come from big pencils". The big black pencil. Leo’s favorite writing tool. This is the inspiration behind the look of Leo Burnett. Big. Bold. Daring. But without the arrogance of thinking in ink or the fearfulness that feels more comfortable with an eraser attached. A chunky, oversized, black pencil. When intelligent thinking combines with intuitive creativity, this simple unassuming pencil becomes a powerful weapon. Because when we wrap our fingers around these pencils, we wrap our brains, our hearts and our souls around our clients’ problems. And we don’t give up. And we don’t let go. 



Apples have become a symbol for the Leo Burnett Company ever since Leo Burnett put out a bowl of apples at reception when he opened his doors in the middle of the Great Depression. Opening in the middle of the great depression caused a lot of talk, and people said it would not be long before Leo Burnett would be selling apples on the street. Apples continue to be a symbol of Leo Burnett's hospitality and success throughout the years.




Stars have become another symbol of Leo Burnett through Leo Burnett's purported philosophy, "when you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either." They supposedly continue to represent this strive for greatness in all of their work.