Bank BTB Retail Concept

Trade Mark Leo Burnett has developed the retail concept for Bank BTB, using accessible tools and solutions we could commit recognizability and solid look and feel for all retail point of the Bank. 
Retail banking is an important communication channel. The task of this project was to transform the principles of the bank's positioning in the physical experience of interaction with the brand in the retail environment. The result of the project became the visualized solutions, which, once implemented, will provide a special experience of communication with the bank for its customers in retail. These solutions became a guideline and direction for the architectural design of interiors and reference point for construction and production. 

The deliverables of the project include: The concept of design and principles of space planning, a detailed description of the principles of organization of retail space, routing (the way and routes of the visitors), color solutions, navigation, recommendations for furniture, equipment, materials, ambient graphics and the guide to graphic communications.