Pepsi Novruz - "Ürəyində arzu tut!"

Novruz is the main traditional holiday in Azerbaijan uniting friends & relatives. Every brand is willed to be a part of this centenary. This year, after a significant break, Pepsi was in the center of communication with a very generous holiday activation - Ureyunde Arzu tut campaign that brought together thousands of people to participate in a win- anyway campaign. A national-wide campaign was vastly spread in Baku and Regions of Azerbaijan inviting loyal Pepsi lovers to spin the wheel of Pepsi fortune and get a definite prize among small and really great ones. The campaign was heavily supported by digital support, including influencers and bloggers. 
As a result, we demonstrated that only strong brands can give and fulfill strong promises, engage people, make it fun, and memorable for thousands of participants all over Azerbaijan. 
We have increased the brand image, engaged 80k+ participants, and increase sales indicators.