Pepsi Hər Evdə! National Promotion Campaign

This summer was different. Considering the pandemic vastly spreading all over the world, we as brand representatives, understand the indisputable priority of our customer's safety.
Therefore in frames of governmental program of isolation and “stay at home” regulation we were challenged to make a memorable and effective campaign without involving and engaging a big amount of people in real physical contact.
Only strong brands can support loyal customers in hard times. And Pepsi is one of those. Therefore we have launched a full-scale integrated campaign in a special, distant way. 
“Stay home” is probably the most heard word. Which we want to convert to positivity. 
We want to bring Pepsi to every home. This symbolic approach is converted into our main message for the summer campaign  “Pepsi, Hər Evdə!”, delivering Pepsi to every home. 
Trade promotion, sales campaign in MT points, sampling, door to door, digital, SM, influencers,  as well as numerous non-standard integrations were implemented in order to focus on sales, distant engagement, and demonstration that only loved brands can be near (but still on distance) at tough times. The campaign became very successful and effective in terms of awareness, sales, and overall consumer engagement.