Gümüş Residence — Həyatın Mərkəzində Siz Varsınız

Meta story

As one of the most important figures in the tradition of urban planning, PMD Group is represented by various residential complexes in its portfolio. But these residential complexes are not just buildings, they are places where people live and write their own stories. To promote these residential complexes, we will create stories in a format that reflects the lifestyle and target audience of each complex. Every residential complex is a story.

Gumush Residence is positioned as the residential complex where Tunzala Aghayeva lives. Modernity, security and increased comfort of the complex allows Tunzala to live a dynamic, full, eventful life of an artist; At the same time, its thoughtful design suits her highly aesthetic taste for her creativity. 

Gumush Residence is Home for the modern elite: Gumush Residence is designed for the contemporary Azerbaijani elite — people
who has not only money, but also class, cultural background, developed worldview; who travel a lot, and know the price and value of things.

Famous artist Tunzale Aghayeva is one of the brightest representatives of Azerbaijan's elite with her position, place, and identity as a musician in the cultural environment. Her creations are constantly in the spotlight and many generations follow her luxurious life and ambiance. In this part of the City Stories, we demonstrate Tunzala, her life, and her inspiration for life and creativity living in Gümüş Residence.


TV Commercial for Gümüş Residence with Tunzala Aghayeva 
Client: PMD Group
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Azerbaijan 
Ambassador: Tunzala Aghayeva 
Production: MerkezPro